Altered Learning EthConnect Guide

We have been trying to make this guide for a few days now. I want to make sure that my readers get the best use out of EthConnect and all of us make money with this one of a kind and special type of crypto currency. ethconnect powIt’s main purpose is to be a lending platform however I think that it can be more than that. If we make sure that EthConnect grows into the best platform out their for lending then we will all succeed more.

All of us tend to just think in the first person and only want to achieve our own selfish goals, but making sure EthConnect succeeds as a platform is all part of our mission.

So if we were to invest into the EthConnect scheme then what kind of returns should we expect? Well with all things that are crypto currencies it’s a risk your taking and you could technically loose all of your money, however the most likely thing to happen is for you to make 10 to 50 times your original investment. All of this depends on how early you invest. The earlier you are to the EthConnect world, the more money you’ll make.

If you invest in the first million of the EthConnect ICO you will get a 15% bonus. This bonus is a large sum as if you invest 5000 dollars that will give you a 750 dollar bonus. This is a lot of EthConnect in the large scheme of things.

For our full guide you’ll have to wait a week and then we can release that once the wallet on Ethconnect begins working. We hope that all of you sign up and if you want an 8% BONUS ON SIGNUP then CLICK HERE!

We will investing a large portion of our portfolio into the ICO (initial coin offering) and we hope you are to.

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