Ever had learners knocking at your door to do Key Skills?

Key skills are traditionally one of the most difficult elements of the curriculum to deliver.  Conventional methods of teaching have left learners unmotivated and uninterested with key skills and success rates low.

But not any more!

In 2003 the Altered Learning concept was piloted at West Nottinghamshire College in an attempt to revolutionise the way that key skills were delivered.  The aim was to find a method of engaging learners to not only participate, but also to achieve.  The results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Since the introduction of Altered Learning as a method of key skill delivery results at West Nottinghamshire College increased dramatically from a national benchmark of 22% to 94% success rates.

Within this site you will be able to find out more about how Altered Learning can help with delivery of Key Skills in your organisation and how you can also revolutionise your approach to teaching.

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